pomegranate seeds

IMG_4224persephone’s pomegranate seeds.  winter is here.

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I live in a diverse urban area of south Seattle.  Blocks from my house there is a light rail train and two very busy streets. Within a mile there are often shootings and drug deals.  There are heavy buses, diesel fumes, and construction equipment.  But from one direction, my house can be accessed via a street that winds through an area of undeveloped wooded hillside.

Much has changed in my neighborhood since I moved here nearly 21 years ago.  Much. But one thing has happened every year since I’ve lived here.  A single solitary roadside native Trillium blooms.  It blooms white and pure and declarative.  It is the only Trillium I have ever seen in the area, and in twenty plus years, has not managed to produce offspring.

This bloom marks for me, the start of spring, the power of persistence, the survival of another long, dark Seattle winter.  Every year, beginning in March, I beginning scanning along the road, wondering if this is the year she will have succumbed to the regular piles of illegally dumped garbage, the dogs, or the indiscriminate Parks Department mowing and god-knows-what-else.  I drive slowly, holding my breath and search for the splash of white.  Last week she was there, making her 2013 roadside appearance, delivering her glowing white spring monologue.


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honey, raw

Raw honey.  A jar of this beautiful honey from Craic Honey came my way recently and I’m not sure which I love more – the color and the way it flows, or the dark molasses-like flavor.




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Queenie Newall

Queenie Newall, 53 years old. Female Olympic gold medal winner in archery.  London, 1908.

Queenie Newall, 53 years old. Female Olympic gold medal winner in archery. London, 1908.

Queenie Newall — female British archer, born in 1854, real name Sybil Fenton Newall, though she was best known as Queenie.  She won an Olympic gold medal for archery in London at the 1908 summer Olympics.  She was 53 years old at the time.  Let me say that again, she was 53 years old.  And she still holds the record for the oldest female Olympic gold medal winner.  Queenie is a reminder, whatever your age, to keep aiming for excellence, steady and true.

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bike challenge

There is a great new blog I’m following, Bictoro: Bikes and Crafts, that is a design delight and an inspiration.  I also work from home and her post today has me thinking of ways I can get on my bike more consistently.  While I can’t take on a 30 day challenge this month, I’m sharing, and hope to take this up before the calendar hits June. Stay tuned.


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